onsdag 9 mars 2011

More updates soon

Due to computer problems i wont be able to post for a little while if im unlucky. Harddrives are failing me :(

lördag 5 mars 2011


My "main" character is Thundernova.
This was my second char, first one to reach 60. I started on this around late december -04 or early january -05.
Leveled as fast as i could wich back then was about 16 days online time. This due to shamans were really slow at low lvl and me being a total noob going wrong spec.
During my lvling I joined a guild and became good friends with some of the people in it, so when i got to 60 i pvped alot at first.
Most of the time I pvped with 2 of my guildmates, a warrior and a hunter.
Back then, when no1 had resilience(wich btw totaly ruind pvp) and every1 was fighting to get the rank High warlord, i actually thought pvp was fun.
Then after a short vacation i suddenly didnt feel the joy of pvp so i started raiding.
The hunter and I joined a raiding guild that had been going Zul'Gurub and Molten core for a while, not long enough to had cleared it all but most of it.
After a few months i  went broke and took a break, During this time the guild decided to stop raiding since TBC were about to come and it wasnt any reason to raid since the gear would suck.
After i got back from the brake blizzard had messed up the pvp system by changing ranks and making it possible for every1 to get rank 14 gear, so i decided to take a break with the shaman and lvl an alt.
Then TBC came and i decided not to lvl the shaman first due to i was abit bored of playing restoration.
It wasnt untill about 1 year after tbc came out that i lvled the shaman to 70.
For quite a while this was the funniest period in wow(pve point of view), tried pvp but failed.
I found a guild with people that i had played with in different games without even knowing it, (Several people from same server on Tibia) and it was awsome. Didnt get far but was fun as hell.
Then when the guild disbanded i followed some of the people to one of the best guilds on the server and did most of the endgame content in tbc, Untill mid sunwell when elemental shamans wernt needed so never got any spots. So i took a second "brake" and played alts while waiting for Wotlk.
And as i did in tbc i didnt lvl my shaman for the first months.
But due to nerfs on DKs(Damm u Blizzard) I decided to lvl it up when ulduar came.
Switched guild for a while due to bad raiding times in my old guild and cleared Naxx, ulduar and Trial of the campions with a guild filled with retards.  Was horrible tbh.
When Icecrown came i decided that i couldnt stand most of the people and went back to my old guild.
Slowly going thru Icecrown heroic and ending up taking a brake when we only had Lich king Heroic left.  Never got the title "Light Of Dawn" :(
Then Cataclysm came and thought that since ive always gone back to playing shaman its best to start with it this time so 2 or 3 days after cata came out im 85 running heroics.
Then we started raiding and quickly cleared Blackrock decent, Bastion of Twilight and Throne of the four winds.
And now im playing alts due to everything but raiding is boring as elemental shaman :S
Cataclysm comes out and after lvling my main i quickly lvled the hunter to 85.
Then one of my friends decided to try pvp so we made a 2 vs 2 team with Beast master hunter and Retribution paladin combo.
With zero pvp skills we have in 3 weeks made it up to 1300 rating.

And heres a picture of Zensò and KITTEH after doing the boring dailys

fredag 4 mars 2011


This blog will mostly be about the story of my characters.
I will start off with Zensò my hunter alt.
Zensò was created early march 2008, about four years after i created my first hunter, this time with the main purpose of pvping at 60.
But when I got to 60 they had messed up the system.so that you gained way to much experience from pvp so it was impossible to stay at 60, so i decided to lvl up to 80.
I decided that just for fun to lvl 60 to 80 in the oldschool high warlord gear that i had pvped with. Not that it slowed me down untill storm peaks/Sholarzar bazin. But u cant have the best gear and look awsome all the time xP
So. Mid Wotlk all there is to do with alts: HC farm.Slowly getting decent 232~245 gear barly doing any raids due to wow being abit boring when u have no1 to play with.
More to come later.