fredag 4 mars 2011


This blog will mostly be about the story of my characters.
I will start off with Zensò my hunter alt.
Zensò was created early march 2008, about four years after i created my first hunter, this time with the main purpose of pvping at 60.
But when I got to 60 they had messed up the that you gained way to much experience from pvp so it was impossible to stay at 60, so i decided to lvl up to 80.
I decided that just for fun to lvl 60 to 80 in the oldschool high warlord gear that i had pvped with. Not that it slowed me down untill storm peaks/Sholarzar bazin. But u cant have the best gear and look awsome all the time xP
So. Mid Wotlk all there is to do with alts: HC farm.Slowly getting decent 232~245 gear barly doing any raids due to wow being abit boring when u have no1 to play with.
More to come later.

8 kommentarer:

  1. I love reading character progression stories, keep posting more please!

  2. I've never tried WoW before. Is it any good? o-o

  3. well, if u got friends playing it can be really fun, but if ur starting on ur own it can be kinda slow